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Our Story


Our mission is to provide turn-key reagents, including bioinks, 3D tissue models, and consulting services in the field of 3D bioprinting to advance the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We envision delivering innovative products that enable the 3D bioprinting of humanized tissue models for advancing medicine.

Our Mission & Values


From university research group to award winning tech start-up

Axolotl Biosciences was founded in Victoria, BC in 2020 by Dr. Stephanie Willerth, Dr. Laura De la Vega, and Laila Abelseth. A spin-off of the internationally recognized bio-printing focused research group lead by Dr. Willerth at the University of Victoria, Axolotl was born from the demand for innovative bioinks by academic researchers and biotechnology companies alike. Using our expertise, understanding, and focus on the biological needs of cells in 3D bioprinted constructs, we have created a novel bioink capable of printing hiPSC-derived neural cells that maintain high levels of cell viability for over a month.



Our vision is to deliver innovative products that enable the 3D bioprinting of humanized tissue models for advancing medicine.


Collaboration. Axolotl utilizes our strong network of collaborators to ensure we meet customer needs, promote innovation within our company, and respond to market demand.

Consistency. Axolotl’s dedication to product consistency means our customers will receive reagents and services they can trust to ensure replicable experiments and results.

Innovation. Axolotl works at the cutting edge of the field of 3D bioprinting by providing new products to advance health research through innovation while also improving lives.

Integrity. Axolotl maintains integrity by providing high-quality products for conducting high-quality research.

Leadership. Axolotl aims to be one of the leaders of the industry in terms of bioinks and tissue models. The founders represent some of the key players in the field of 3D bioprinting. 


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